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Scholarship for the Students of the Kingdom of Bhutan

Academic Criteria for international students

International students particularly who come from other than O- or A-Level systems should possess the followings

1. Must have 12 years of schooling for the undergraduate program.
2. For admission in BSC.CSE/SWE/ICE/EEE/TE/CIVIL/Architecture programs, students must have physics and mathematics in A-Level or equivalent.
3. For admission in B.Pharmacy program, students must have Biology and Mathematics in A-Level or equivalent.
4. For admission in BSC.NFE program, students must have Biology in A-Level or equivalent.
5. Must have 12 years schooling with graduation for admission to the graduate program.
6. At least 50% marks or an equivalent grade of their own education system.
7. If the applicant's previous medium of instruction is not English, IELTS course has to be completed before or after arrival in Bangladesh.
8. Different departments may have some additional requirements.

International students particularly whois from O- or A-Level systems should possess the followings:

1. In O-Level students must have minimum 5 subjects and in A-Level must have minimum.
2. subjects. Out of these 7 subjects, students must have 4 "B" grade and 3 'C" grade.

Last date of Application for the scholarship:

1. Spring Semester (Six & four months duration): 25 February of each academic year.
2. Summer Semester (Four months duration): 30 March of each academic year.
3. Fall Semester (Six months duration): 30 May of each academic year.
4. Fall Semester (Four months duration): 30 July of each academic year.